{WHW}: Mother's Day--from Cute to Lame!

Happy Wednesday!
I'm coming at you after celebrating a really nice Mother's Day weekend (don't let the title fool you!) The weather on Mother's Day was awful here so we did most stuff on Saturday since it was nicer out. MG made breakfast, we went to pick out some flowers that I had wanted for the front of the house, and had dinner with my mom at the house, which we made (lasagna in the crock pot--super easy and delicious!)
I didn't need any over the top gifts--MG did quite well with my anniversary gift of my second wedding band this year, so really I didn't even WANT something elaborate or over the top. My weekend was just how I wanted it.
Realized I never shared this beauty with you all :)
However, it shocked me this week at school as I've been talking to students about what they did for their moms, the level of just little to no effort that was put in to show their moms that they love them. So I thought I'd share some examples of the cute to the eye roll worthy:

~(5th grader) Hung cards around the house for mom and grandma who was staying with them (sweet!)

~(4th grader) Brunch for Mother's Day with mom and grandma (also sweet)

~(2nd grader): A poster, a crystal found at the playground, flowers and a card (super sweet)

~(6th grade girl): She and dad go to Costco the day of Mother's Day for a specific thing, that Costco ends up not having. They look at the roses and they cost $2 per rose, and they don't want to spend that. So they leave, and then pick flowers off of the bushes at Costco and bring those home. (I should note, this is not a family who struggles with money issues). I blame the girl's father SO much on this one.

~(2nd grader): "We went to my cousin's house and I had pizza"  When asked again what he did for his MOM for mother's day...."nothing" followed by "well, I gave her a hug." Oh.

~(6th grader): "I told her Happy Mother's Day." That's it.

~(1st grader): Made breakfast in bed for her mom, and then sat in bed with her, and they ate together (adorable!)

At this point in the week, I haven't seen my Kindergarten students yet, or the majority of my 1st graders, so I'd imagine their stories are a little cuter. But, MAN am I disappointed in some of my students. Especially the one who basically stole flowers from bushes outside of Costco!

All of this to say, if you're a mom, I hope your Mother's Day was special in whatever way made it special for you.
And if you're waiting to become a mom, I understand how you're feeling. I was there myself for a few years before we were able to have Ella through IVF, and I'm there currently myself, wanting baby #2. I'd be lying if I didn't think about the fact that I would have been about 7 months pregnant if we hadn't lost our baby in November. 
This day is wonderful to celebrate all that our moms have done for us, and all that we do for our kids. But it's also hard for those who have lost their moms, are desperate to become moms, have lost babies, etc. 
To you I say, I see you. I understand you. And I send you all the love.


  1. I had a nice mother's day but I will say my youngest are more into it than my oldest but maybe because their teachers have them make stuff so they were really excited to give them to me and said happy mother's day as soon as they got up!

  2. Our wedding rings/bands are almost identical! Clearly I love it and what a sweet gift!

  3. Love you lady and glad you had a great mother's day! And man some of the things kids say are so funny.

  4. Love your new wedding band - gorgeous! My mother's day was low key, as my husband kept asking what I wanted to do and spending the day with my 2 loves in the pool and relaxing at home was just what I wanted. But WOW to the kid who's dad stole flowers off a bush at Costco. Laughing, but also a tad sad!
    Green Fashionista

  5. I love your second wedding band, how lovely! I am loving all the sweet stories you shared and shame on that Costco dad!

  6. Glad you had a nice weekend!! MG did a GREAT job with the second wedding band. GORG!! I would say I'm shocked about the costco bush story, but I saw a family ripping flowers out of the ground (roots and all) from the flower beds at Disney, so nothing surprises me anymore!!

  7. That is crazy. I love reading how everyone celebrated it, but I feel bad for a lot of the moms who didn't get much of anything. Spending time with your mom and showing her your love is very much needed. I love your second band. I am hoping for mine very soon!

  8. We did the same thing! I just wanted to do a few outside things for Mother's Day so we did them Saturday also then had a lazy day on Sunday with the bad weather!

  9. I want moms treated great every day. So I'm more concerned about how they appreciate their moms all the days...and how the Costco man appreciates his wife.


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