Monsoon Monday

Happy Monday, everyone! (How cute is the little puppy!?! Hope he gave you a smile like he did me!) Here in the Nation's Capital it is pouring down rain, which, let me tell you, was super fun to walk to work in....(can you note my sarcasm there??) I am happy that it's supposed to get up to the high 60's today at least, though, and it looks like the sun is doing its best to peak through the rain clouds. Come on, sun!!

This weekend was kind of uneventful for me, which, after last weekend's drink fest birthday extravaganza, was exactly what I needed. Spent some time with my roommate, visited my parents for the day, and did some shopping at Target and the Gap Outlet (can't tell you how much I heart those two stores!!)

Today I am debating what to make for lunch and/or dinner for the week, and whether or not to use my infamous crock pot. One of my favorite meals that I've made, other than my stuffed peppers which just took over the number one spot, is Spinach Pesto Lasagna. It may sound a little different, but it is phenomenal! I got the recipe, once again, from my favorite crock pot website: A Year of Slow Cooking .
Here is a picture of the deliciousness, taken from the website:
How delish does that look? My mouth is watering and it's only 9 AM...

I am thinking this one might have to go onto the menu for the week! Anyone have any other delicious recipes to try out? I like em quick and easy so that I minimize the chance of giving myself food poisoning, hah!

Hope you all have a great start to the week!

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