In Need of a New Work Bag

I have been in need of a new work bag for the better part of this school year. My bag, which I used to get many compliments on (and happened to find at Target on sale for $10), is now cracking and just looking overall worn out. Here is what it looks like:

So I have been on the search, but have had an issue finding exactly what I want (and within a price I'm willing/able to afford). I have a few things that I am looking for:

Color: Dark red (dark cherry kind of color), Green, or Dark Purple (all colors I think would go with a bunch of different things)

Size: Right now my bag is about 13" long and about 12" in height. That seems like a good size to fit the junk I haul back and forth to work. A little bigger would be ok, but not any smaller.

Pockets: I would really really REEEEALLY love it to have at least one pocket on the end that could fit my water bottle so that when the bottle sweats, everything inside of my bag doesnt get soaked. This seems to be the point where I have a really hard time finding what I'm looking for.

Zipper: I really want a zipper. Walking around the streets of DC, it makes me feel safer to have everything zipped up, concealed and safe. Especially when it rains, too!

I'd like to find one in time to start interviewing for jobs (yay, move to St. Louis!), so I'm on the hunt!

Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar type of bag, that won't break the bank??

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