Uno Uh-oh!

Hey friends! Today brings sunshine and warm weather which means I am a happy girl. I'd be a little happier if I could actually be outside enjoying it, but looking at it through the window and looking forward to being in it after work is ok with me! Today's blog brings a random story, a random article, and a random snack idea. So, read on!

Today brings a story of a girl I work with. She's a peach. I heart this little girl because she is a hard worker, but she's super sweet and really fun. Well today we played Uno, as is our routine lately (she really enjoys when she makes me Draw Two over and over again and then hits me with a Draw Four), but today I beat her. Three times in a row. And even the last game I TRIED to lose. Usually she is ok with losing to me (and really really LOVES it when she wins), but today she shut down and started to cry. I don't know what happened. I didn't gloat or tease her about it. She just broke down. I am wondering if something else was getting her down today and that just made it worse, since that's not like her. Felt like I walked into a huge UH OH on that one. Luckily she recovered ok and said she wanted to play again tomorrow. I think I will have to make sure I lose all games, no matter what it takes.

On a random article note, I saw this in the paper today on the way to work this morning. A man got upset that the Beefy Crunch Burritos he ordered at Taco Bell went from 99 cents to $1.49, and so decided to fire an air gun at an employee and then later a rifle at police officers. Um, it's 50 cents. I'd loan you that, dude, just so you wouldn't kirk out at a Taco Bell. At first when I read the headline in the Express, I thought he was upset because it wasn't real meat. Apparently that wasn't on the list of things he was upset about that day.

And now onto my random snack. Instead of noshing on Sour Patch Kids (as delicious as they are, eating them at 9 or 10am is probably not the most healthy option), I decided to bring something a bit healthier to work today. After visiting my parents this weekend, my mom had picked me up a Costco sized bag of Craisins (aka, I have a lifetime supply almost) and some almonds. I mixed these two bad boys together into a little sandwich baggie and I had a pretty healthy mid-morning snack! Try it out! It was delicious!

Happy Tuesday!                                                                        

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